new to dating?

Are you entering the dating scene again after being in a long-term relationship? Do you feel lost?

Are you overwhelmed or lack confidence? I get. I've been there.

With the help of my partner, we help men and women attract the type of person that is right for them. 

i can help you:

  • discover your values and attract dates with similar values for long term success

  • step into dates with real confidence 

  • find out what is holding you back from attracting your dream partner

  • create engaging and insightful conversations


I am here to support you and get you to a place where you can confidently present yourself authentically and attract the type of person who is meant for you. Let's get you to start dating with a purpose.

We will work together to create a plan that makes the most sense for you through:

  • phone or text support

  • video calls