Face the Truth and Own the Struggle

On the outside, everything looks perfect and beautiful.

Social media gives us a platform to share happy moments. The moments that everyone is striving for. Nobody asks about the hard parts. We only assume everything is good because that’s all we see.

But on the inside, there is a struggle. On the inside, we hurt. Inside, we’re draining.

We hide our reality and we hide our truth.

We make excuses to try and cover up the shit part. We stay silent in order to remain ‘normal’.

What is normal? Normal isn’t perfect. Normal is ugly. Normal is hard. Normal is a struggle.

If someone doesn’t share it on social media, we make assumptions. When they do share it, we make assumptions.

Why can’t we just allow ourselves to recognize our own truth and face it.

It’s okay if you aren’t perfect. It’s okay if your relationship isn’t either. It’s okay if you don’t wake up every morning feeling happy and excited. It’s okay if you don’t know what you are doing.

I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time. My education and life experiences haven’t prepared me for these types of real-life situations.

I wake up with no agenda. I don’t have a job. I haven’t had a permanent address in years, and I feel displaced. I don’t know what I’m doing with my days most of the time and I feel like I’ve lost my purpose. I struggle with my weight, I fear I’ll lose my dog any time now and I cry more than I have in a very long. My only goal right now is to not lose who I am.

Were afraid to share the pain.

To let people know we’re struggling because of how we present ourselves on the outside. We’re afraid to show people who we are and how we feel to avoid the possible judgment.

The truth is, we don’t want to face judging ourselves and face our own truth and reality.

The only way to get through the pain, uncertainty, and challenge is to open up. Open up in a journal, to a therapist, to a coach or counselor, to a friend, your dog, or to the world.

Keeping it locked away deep inside won’t allow you to move forward, it’ll keep you stuck.

Facing everything that stands in your way from becoming a stronger, better, healthier version of yourself is the best thing you can do for your future self.

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