You Aren't Meant to Live a Shitty Life

Do you have a shitty life? A shitty job?

A shitty relationship? Do you eat shitty food?

Think about those questions for a second. If you do, what is stopping you from making a change today?

I'm talking about settling, settling for those shitty relationships, that shitty food that you know isn't good for you, those shitty friends that aren't doing anything for you. I really want to dive deeper into this, specifically about what is for you, won't pass you. So you won't let it get away from you, you will continuously think about these things until you put the action in, in getting them. During the process of this, we tend to get little whispers or hints or little taps on the shoulders to let us know, when something doesn't feel right. Or something that gives us the nudge into a different direction when something doesn't feel right. Some would call them red flags, or some sort of sign that maybe more of a focus as to what we're doing, or maybe what we shouldn't be doing. And sometimes we tend to ignore these signs. And why is that?

Because we think we're on the right track. I'm going to focus specifically on relationships, but not just intimate relationships, but personal professional in jobs in family. Because this is what the whole thing is about. It's about life choices. And do you ever think to yourself that maybe these nudges or things that keeps showing up are supposed to be there? These aren't signs to be ignored. They're placed there for a reason.

That is life trying to guide you on the right path. That's for you. And if you keep ignoring these signs, eventually they will show up like a big bang. And it will shake your whole world. We do things because we hope that it will change for the better or for us and we hang in there grasping until we can't anymore. We know deep down that something isn't for us. But we need to find out for ourselves. And my sister jokes with me about this, but it's not a joke, because sometimes I'll go to her for advice. And she'll be like, yeah, I can tell you one thing, but you're just gonna do what you want anyways. And it's true. Like many of us are like that, but we like to hear somebody else's perspective. And we likely don't listen right away. Because we do need to find out for ourselves. I think we all come into contact with these types of things in our lives. And I'm just here to tell you that you don't need to settle for shitty things in your life, just to see how it'll unfold.

Don't ignore the signs, they're placed there for you to recognize them.

Life is meant to be beautiful and shared with someone authentically.

I never really understood this - until I got it. Until I realized how stress free life can be when you surround yourself with the right people and the right things for the right reasons. If you are living a life of constant questioning, stress, constant confusion of your emotions, that puts you on a roller coaster of questioning your own sanity. You really need to step outside yourself to look at this and understand that you don't need to live like this. I have been on the other side of constantly questioning where I was going, who I was with, what I was doing, what I was feeling, not knowing the answers. And now I'm on the other side where I just feel this like calmness over me because of the life that I chose to live. You have a choice, you can choose to remain the same or you can choose a different life. If you choose to remain the same, that is the choice you're choosing. I don't think that you should be trying to force something, it should just organically roll out for you. Of course, sometimes there's work involved, but work on yourself. If you have to constantly try and get someone to understand you, or try and force someone's emotions or feelings on you or you're always questioning where you stand in a relationship. Understand what is happening in front of you.

Think about this: going on vacation from a job. Many people can't wait to go on this vacation to escape their job. So they work 50 weeks out of the year for that two weeks off?! Why wouldn't you want the opposite? Where you can live the majority of your life feeling so free, happy calm in peace, authentically you for the majority of your life. And maybe there's only like a fraction of that time where you feel out of touch or misaligned. It's the same with a relationship. You see people breaking up all the time getting back together. Or when you are away from each other for so long, you have to ask yourself, do you miss that person or do you feel more calm and at peace to have that time by yourself?

We hope that we can make ourselves believe that we have this great life but in reality - we don't. I've done this. I painted this perfect picture of this great life that I wanted and wanted everyone to know that I created. And I made myself believe that this was true. I just thought that over time, it would just magically develop into this authentic love that I was so striving for and looking for and hoping for. I loved my new friends, I loved where I was living, I loved my job. I loved the person I was with. But I wasn't at peace with all of that. I knew deep down that life wasn't for me. It was for me at the time. But I kept trying to hold on to it because of fear, because of doubt, because of the field of failure. But I got to this point where I couldn't ignore it anymore. I started to make the switch of how I was showing up in that life, and the person that I wasn't showing up for was myself. I wasn't seeing the value that I had or the respect or the worth that I was putting towards everyone else. I kept ignoring all the signs, I just thought it would get better. I thought it would change. But it would only change if I changed.

So, you really need to look outside of you the life that you're living, and ask yourself, are you happy right now? Are you happy with the relationship, your job, your house, your partner, your financial situation? Are you happy? If it's no, what can you do to change it?

What steps do you need to make today?

To get that place of peace?

What can you do? Do you need to start saving money?

Do you need to take better care of yourself?

I really want you to take the next little while to think about this because it does exist for you.

Let me tell you that when you find it, everything you've been through will make sense. It will make sense why you had to go through that because there are lessons in the challenging parts of life. There are lessons

in the hard parts. And when you overcome and get on the other side of the hard parts.

It's a breakthrough. It's a magical feeling.

You feel extraordinary and you thank those hard parts for being there.

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