How's Your Relationship with Money?

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Your Relationship With Money, What It Means and How You Can Change It

My conversation with Money Mindset Coach, Isabel Morales


Money is such an important topic to talk about because an investment in knowledge pays the best interest you can ever imagine. The limiting beliefs around the world have blinded many of us from the truth. You are where you are today not because you don’t spend money, but because you listened to the wrong information about money, and that’s not your fault but the people you listened to were not just well informed as you are.

My passion about the subject of money cannot be overestimated or undermined. While growing up, I've had my own messed up money beliefs that I wanted to chat with someone openly about. I think this platform is a resourceful avenue to share my thoughts so that I can reach a larger audience.


I grew up in Colombia, in South America. My family was never wealthy. Though, we weren't the poorest people in the world. But we struggled really hard. Just like many in the world today, I grew up with things like ‘money doesn’t grow on trees and that there's ‘never enough’ and I am certain many can relate to these myths.

In Colombia, the source of income of a wealthy man is always questioned, either termed crooks or illegal. Another myth is that wealthy men may be stingy as they don't spend but accumulate wealth. Imagine growing up with this kind of mindset to a young adult, struggling, thinking that I had to work really hard for money. I have struggled to live pay check-to-pay check and always thinking where's the money gonna come from?

In my mid 20s, I orientated my mind and I started to get more into spiritual laws, how the universe works and how we are a magnet for everything that we want in our lives. And even though that was a hard concept to swallow. I decided to listen to my intuition and pay attention to what I was learning. However, it took a long while to adjust to my newfound knowledge. It’s strange how knowledge changes perception; I usually think I wasn't the kind of girl that money was going to come to.

Now, I see I am more deserving, knowing that if I want it, it can come to me that if I become the right channel for it, it's going to come to me, no matter what. It keeps unveiling each day, the more I change the way I think, it influences my personality positively.

The magical ways that money comes to me

I have stories upon stories that have significantly changed my life of how money has manifested in my life through jobs, and then the magical like finding money on the street, and then the impossible of like, the CRA, you and I are in Canada, so the CRA sending me a message saying that they owed me money and I'm like, What the fuck? But money coming to my door that way, or having random deposits in my bank account and then going where you're coming from? Something happened recently, a friend of mine, sent me a message. This happened towards the end of last year, he messaged me on WhatsApp and he said, can I send you some money? And I jokingly say, haha, yes. And then he sent me money. I was shocked to the bone.

The way money shows up is unbelievable and an unreal amount. I actually won $20 on the lottery this morning at a free ticket. And it has piled up to about $25,000 showing up in my account. It's amazing to see how when you tweak your own vibration when you tweak the way that you're thinking, tweak the perspective in which you're watching the world from everything around you as to shift as well.


  1. Be clear on what you want; the universe loves clarity. So what is it that you want? Do you want ease, joy, fun, and/or abundance? When you identify your wants, those are the things that you want to go for in life.

  2. Be honest with yourself; this is a step that might be challenging for a lot of people. Because sometimes we don't know exactly what we believe about money. So sit down with a piece of paper and pen and write everything that you believe about money, the more that you write, and the more that you get quiet with yourself, the more shit that is going to come up. The more you are honest about yourself or believe, the more that you're going to know how to shift and change directions. Perhaps, you notice that your bank account is never more than X amount of dollars a month, where have you noticed that you always have a hard time meeting your rent at the end of the month? Or have you noticed that you cannot get your car payments on time? Or even if you have a decent well paying job, but the money still is not there, you used to have trouble paying your bills or meeting your commitments, then you write all those things down and start getting honest about what those are. Once you've done that exercise, that's when the real work starts.

  3. Start with the ones that trigger you the most; it might be hard work, joy, fun, effortless, relaxation. To me, one of the ones that triggered me the most was that I have to work hard for it. So work on your top three or four messed up beliefs and start working with one of them at a time.

You might even think, do you want this to be true?

The answer is usually no because you want more wealth, it's a fact that you don’t want limiting beliefs in your life. So do I want this to be true? The answer will be no. So why do I want it to be true? I want the ease of not having to work hard for money; I want that effortless money coming in. I want the magic of life in my bank account. I want the universe to keep showering me with love. And you just go on and on. You will feel great whenever you do this. So when you shift your perspective, you will feel and become better. You might notice some resistance that you can work through following the same process. Is this true? Do I want this to be true? If the answer's no, so what do I want to be true in my life? Then you start from there. So once your free frame, those, just practice that, to spread through those feelings of I want the ease, I want the surprise, I want the amazement and I want the fun. I want the surprise money.

When you practice this often, believe me, you're going to be internalizing that new way of being. And eventually, your whole world is going to turn with that and you're going to see manifestation in your life.


The length of time depends on the commitment that you have. And commitment doesn't mean that you have to be monitoring the way that you're thinking and the way that you're feeling 24/7. Commitment means that you are committing yourself to be aware of how you're thinking at all times. But it doesn't have to be hard work because nothing has to be hard work. The key factor here is awareness creation.

What is Awareness?

Awareness creates a space between your external stimulation and the reaction that you're going to have. For instance, you're in traffic and then some asshole cuts you off in traffic, and they just cut off in front of you. You have this gap of time between the asshole on the road and cutting you off in traffic. And the moment you respond to that. Sometimes the response is so automatic that you feel that you don't have the time because you just want to tell this guy off or, you know, give him the finger or whatever it is. But, when you become aware of an external force, which is just about to create a reaction in you. Then, in that moment of awareness, you have the power of choice. Do you want to flick this guy off? Do you want to roll down your window and scream at him? Or do you want to go in peace in your journey, there is always a choice. It's just that sometimes reactions come in autopilot for us that we don't think that we have a choice in the way that we're reacting. This goes for absolutely everything in life.

The more you exercise and practice awareness, the more that you're going to be creating that gap between the trigger that you have and the reaction that you have.

Another example is if someone is celebrating a huge promotion or a huge bonus at work like a 20,000 bonus or something and this triggers you. Immediately, you start to feel why this is happening to them and not you? Why is it so hard for me? Why is it that good things happen to other people and not for me, but the more that you exercise that awareness between the thought and the reaction, the more that you have the power to choose how you're going to feel, how you're going to think, how you're going to react? And when you practice that often, it becomes a habit that no one can take away from you. You can change your perception and say, What if I watch these from a different perspective? What if I make this mean something different? And at that moment, you have already gained tremendous leverage for what you're creating in your life, because you are deciding to react differently to something that probably you have reacted the same way for many years, So at that moment, you decide, I am going to celebrate this person as well, I am going to celebrate the $20,000. Because if I am in the vicinity of this win, that means that my win can come as well. And you start reframing every moment of your life in that way, exercising that awareness and becoming more present in the way that you think, react and behave. When you regain the power of choice, believe me, you're going to implement a new habit of thought that eventually is going to manifest in the material world in the form of more money, more opportunities, more possibilities, more resources available to you, more people wanting to work with you, and more people wanting to work for you.


Talking about money in relationships, whether it be in the intimate ones or within, there's this big elephant in the room that we should not talk about money between spouses or family, And I grew up with my parents, citing all the time about money because that's just what you did. And so when I was previously married, we never fought at all. And we never really talked about money. So I attracted what I didn't want differently. And then I was in another relationship where I felt controlled by money. And now I've learned and learning how important it is to have these open discussions about money and how we view finances and it's more of being focus on what you need to do, versus what you and your spouse should be doing together and never mind about, you know, trying to collectively agree, having my own view and vision and not judge so much about what other people are doing. Who you work with matters, a lot of people are couples talking about how to talk about money within relationships respectfully or openly. And how do we do this?

I don't work with a lot of couples, but the rules apply the same for any situation. When it comes to a household and that type of partnership, you both have to understand what field you're operating and have that mutual respect that your belief system is different. Because you are the one who's creating for you. I used to believe so. I have been married for more years than I know my goodness 20 1714, I spent more than 15 I can't remember because we've been together for like 20 something years. But anyway, we get along really well as well. Finances work seamlessly in our house. But we both have very different views when it comes to money. My husband is an engineer. He's a logical mind in the relationship, when it comes to our work, we save a percentage of it, we invest a percentage of it the rest of what we enjoy. That's how he views money. But I'm the total opposite. I'm the dreamer. I'm like, Oh, my God, money can come from anywhere in the world. I'm a unicorn; I manifest the shit out of my ass, and all that stuff. So we viewed money differently. But I respect his weight. He respects mine. And the way that I had to learn that was the hard way. Because when I started to practice my spirituality, I wanted to shove it down his throat. And I'm like, how can you not believe in the same things that I believe in? And I was thinking that he was the one hindering my manifestation because he's not on board with me. He doesn't believe in the same things that I believe in, how can this work if he's on a completely different path than I am and I started to become the victim because he was not on board.

But the blinders came on, when I realized that I create my own life, it does not matter what my husband believes in, he does not matter what other people believe in, it does not matter if my family thinks I'm crazy, it doesn't matter that my friends can understand what I say about wealth consciousness. And then I started to realize that everything in the realm of my awareness is my creation.

Therefore, the wealth that I bring into the relationship is my creation; the wealth that he brings into the relationship is my creation as well because it is in my field of awareness. If I get to enjoy that money, if I get to have access to that money, it is mine as well. Of course, there might be boundaries. But one thing I've learned is that everything that is around me is my creation, whether he believes in it or not. And when I focus on the things that I want, when I stay on my path, and again, back to putting my blinders on, if I don't pay attention to what he believes, and not because I don't respect it, not because I don't want to hear it, but because his opinion will not alter my process, then work is good. And when we talked about money, we talked in a very respectful way. He's very set in his ways, and with a set mind. But our common goal is, we want to have a good life, we want to have a free life, we want to have a life of expansion, and freedom. And that works for us, in our own way and ideologies. But because I am such a laser-focused individual, when it comes to creating the life that I want, it doesn't matter.

Protect and manage your energy.

When you understand that your energy is always sending the signal for what comes into your life. You should guard and protect your energy as your life does depend on it. I have a very good radar as to who I can talk about manifestation, we can talk about spirituality, and we can talk about energy management, and reality creation and all those things.

On a lighter note, I have friends that have no clue about what I do. And they're not interested in understanding it. And I am completely okay with that. Because the last thing that I want is to get into an argument about who's right. So I don't mention it to them. And if they ever want to learn, they'll come to me or they can just go on my Facebook and find out what I do. So I have a very good way to judge who I can open my energy to and who I cannot. I have a lot of family members that I don't even talk to them about money. Because; I know that it's not going to be well received. And it's not that I don't want to stand up for what I believe, it's just that I don't need the controversy. I'm not interested in having an argument about it. I'm not interested in trying to prove you wrong. I'm not interested in trying to make you understand that my way of life is better because we all think that our own individual's way of life is better. I'm not interested in changing anybody's mind about what I believe in. I did it. At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops saying, Oh my God, I've discovered the holy grail. Why isn't everybody following me and doing this thing with me, this is my own process. It doesn't matter what anybody else believes in, as long as I protect my energy, I'll get everything that I want. And of course, I occasionally drop my power once in a while, I am human and I do react. I react to other people, you know, kind of cropping on my experience, or my journey or whatever. But then I go back to my patient, I go back to putting my blinders on, I go back to protecting my energy, go back to my happy place, and things continue to flow.

It really doesn't matter what they think, what they do, what matters is your energy, keep protecting it. At a stage in life, you might even drop your power due to fears, doubts, insecurities, and beliefs. You are not perfect. But line up your energy, bring your power back up, and you get back on your merry way.


To change your belief, you need to practice more; one of my private clients asked me a question, “What would you say to someone who's never done these and wants instant results? I answered and said, what would you say to a child that is learning to ride a bike and wants to ride the bike tomorrow? And he looked at me and said I get it! It’s simply, during practice you have to be patient with yourself. I mean, that child has to get on the bike and ride it every day for a while before they get comfortable. And before they feel that they can take the training wheels off before they feel that they don't need anyone holding the back of the bike before they can ride it confidently. This is the same with a belief system. You will keep practising, training that muscle, learn to trust the process and get more aware. Keep practising and be patient with yourself. Believe it or not, it may happen overnight. But if it doesn't, it will definitely happen if you keep practising.



If somebody wants to attract more abundance in their life, and they're telling you that they're writing it out, and we'll try to break free of this, but nothing is happening. When do you call them to give them more direction and make them still believe, if it doesn't happen immediately?

ANSWER; There are a couple of things that might be happening. And we are all different, but when it comes to money, we all have a similar type of conditioning, so we all can overcome it.

There's no exception. I mean, if the law of attraction works for you, it works for me, it works for everybody else. It's just how you're viewing your process and how you're sticking to it. So it might happen in different stages for different people, but it can happen to absolutely everybody. There are no exceptions. So the first thing that I would say is to be aware of how you're thinking and how you're reacting? If you practice that it's just a matter of knowing that you're building that momentum? Success doesn’t happen overnight. Stick to your vision, stick to your awareness and stick to your choices of thought and reactions, that’s how to build momentum and it will carry you forward. So the one thing that we all do, and it's almost inevitable, so frustrating is so annoying, is that we're constantly checking, is my manifestation here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? And the more that we don't see it, the more that we give our power away when we start to think it’s not working.

When you have clarity, work on your beliefs, catching yourself in your awareness about where you're, when you're about to react, and when you're about to do something that is not aligned to your vision. If you're keeping all those things in mind, you're building that momentum and your manifestation will come very soon. It is law.

If it has not materialized yet, don’t give up, stay on guard, put your blinders on and be patient. Don’t drop your power, don’t drop your vision, don’t be a victim of your circumstances or your environment. If you choose to believe it hasn't happened yet, but you are sure it's coming. Your tone has changed and you've done your inner work, you have that trust that you followed your intuition and just keep believing. Be aware that you trust in your vision, having that trust in the process is called keeping your power-up. So the more that you're able to sustain your personal power through the day, the more that you're able to soothe yourself and soothe your emotions into knowing that it's happening, the more momentum you're going to build, the faster your manifestation is going to appear in no time. So the key is to become more aware, keep your personal power, keep trusting the process and it will work for you.

Also, the energy of ease will put you ahead; when you are fixed up to a client and money is not coming forth, you are stuck, and you don't see any other options in front of you. Your limited mind cannot understand that this money can come from any other source. So you are fixated that this money has to come through a client. You have that needy energy of ‘please hire me’, ‘I am available’. And when this person doesn't hire you, they don't sign as your client, boom, you tend to drop you power. You lose faith and focus. It’s just detaching from how the universe is going to deliver it to you. And the more that you're able to detach from God angels rest and live in the vibration of the fun that is going to be to having this money. It’s going to come to you effortlessly and you're going to live in that vibration of flow, the motor, you're going to put your body in that receptive mode of pleasure, the more fun that you're having, the more that you're enjoying the process, the more easily effortless, and faster that is going to come to you.


Do you have monthly goals for yourself? Do you have yearly goals that you revisit with money? And how do you get what you want?


Try to live a life led by your own desire, listen to your intuition and keep learning new things. Do what resonates with you. If it will lighten up your vibe about money, it’s amazing.

During my learning process, I had lots of money loss. But what keeps me going is logging the money that comes to me. If someone bought me coffee or rewarded me lottery money, an Amazon gift card, I would log it. And at the end of the month, I realized that I had X amount of money. And then from that desire, I decided, Okay, maybe for next month, I want to opt-out to two grand, what can I do? And I just started visualizing and envisioning and like savoury, what would it feel like to have an extra $1,000 in my bank account at the end of the next month, and I went like that and it worked really well. But then there was a time that I thought this is kind of putting too much pressure on me, it’s like marrying my vision to a specific amount. So I decided to be freer about it.

During this time, I asked myself questions, what would it feel like to have more money? What would it feel like to go on extra vacations in the year? What would it feel like to go to fancier restaurants? What would it feel like to have more branded clothes in my closet? The greatest advice that I can give anyone is to learn to understand how your energy works every time, you'll understand that the key is to start relaxing your body to feel the ease about it, to feel the pleasure of just thinking about it. Play with the desire of having more. And it's a shift, just follow it. If it doesn't stick, while it works, it's always checking with what will bring you the most pleasure at this moment, what will be the thought that I could contemplate and nurture right now. And that is going to feel the best and just aligned to that scoring with ease going with the flow and plays with your own energy regarding anything abundance, wealth, relationships, anything really comes down to how you feel in the moment and how you can massage your energy to feel better about what you're thinking. In a nutshell, do what feels better at the moment. Positively approach your bill change, two months, two years for you, by finding out what works for you and then you'll find your way.


If your partner gets a promotion, or your dad gets a promotion or a bill goes away because of a rebate that happened, which is amazing. What opens your eyes to the possibility that's in front of you the whole time?


When you have a win-win situation, of course, you have a little, but I often celebrate every single win. My suggestion is to keep a list of every win that you have. Because at some point, your logical slash and an analytical mind are going to tell you this is impossible. You need to continue to rewire regularly, it's going to release and are going to sneak up on you and they're going to shock us in a way that is not expected. When your mind is playing tricks on you, whip up your list and keep a list with all your wins, big or small, because they're going to come in handy.

Going back to the incredible ways in which money can come to you. That is like when you start to see how unlimited you are, how powerful you are. Money will continue to come in ways that will shock you. Blessings will continue to come to your life from the most unexpected places. And when you learn to celebrate the little things as much as the big things, you're opening the portal to more. If you suddenly find $300 in a jacket that you really had to exercise your memory thinking how do you have 300 in your jacket. it just happened.

I remembered that I was on a flight coming back from someplace in Europe, I can't remember where. And I opened my wallet. And I found 250 Euros. I'm like, what I felt I had no money left from my trip, but the money was sitting there. And Joe's the one time that I was transferring $115, from my checking account to my savings account. So literally pulling money from one pocket to the next I wasn't paying anybody, I was just transferring the money because I needed it. There was a glitch in the system. And I ended up having two transfers of $150 going into the receiving account. One transfer for 150 came out of one account, two transfers of 150 made it into the receiving account. How is that happening? I just got goosebumps thinking about that.

That's insane, it happened a few years ago. But at the moment, I thought, it's an error from the bank, I'm sure it's going to get fixed in a couple of days, someone's going to notice it, and they're going to fix it. And they never did. So I got 150 bucks in my pocket. If that happened at a branch, I would have said something because I don't want anyone to get fired, doing wrong math or whatever. it just happens in ways that are crazy. It could come from the logical things, like your job, it could come from the crazy things like the bank glitch. So you never know the more that you're open to it, the more that you're receptive to it, the more that you want to believe in the magic of it. And the more that you continue to work on your beliefs and your awareness, get more crazy stuff is gonna happen to you guaranteed.


So how can we support you more as well? Where can we find you?


I am a very simple person. Most of my stuff is on Facebook. So my Facebook is just Isabel Morales. I have a Facebook group that I love and adore because I go live twice or three times a week, it is called Soul Conversations with IM "Soul Conversations" and my initials Isabel Morales.

I'm on Instagram as well its Isabel C Morales. I keep things simple. I don't have a website. You're gonna find me on Facebook, just go right ahead. I post a lot of videos and I usually rant a lot because every time that I have a thought, moment or a breakthrough. I just go live on Facebook and just tell my audience about what's the crazy thing that's going on in my head at the moment.

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